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C Low Ray is on his way.

Leading up to Christmas 2016, C Low Ray's music (songs) were played 2, 3 or 4 times daily on (LonelyOakRadio.com) a radio station in L.A. USA which continued into January 2017. They wouldn't play it if it was not worth the air-time. Other UK stations continue to play his music.

How will your sponsorship be used?

Currently, C Low Ray makes the musical track for his compilations in his own studio yet vocals are still to be completed on all but a few. Without sound damping and time to complete them, most are on hold till further notice. Making the time costs hours which costs money that C low can't yet afford. The sound tratment is also going to cost. These are two main areas where the funds will be used intially. C Low will keep you up-dated on any further expences which are covered from the sponsorship funds.

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